Friday, 28th September 2019

In Manila

In the midnight (around 12.30 am), all of us have ready in front of UC campus. It’s very cold and sleepy day, but we still felt so sad. While waited for Mr. Armand and Mr. Ramir, we sat on the stairs. After they comes, we just waited for our driver, Mr. Aris. It’s around 1 am, we start our trip from Baguio to Manila. It spent 5 hours and all of us just sleep.

At NAIA International Airport Terminal 2

It’s around 6 am, we arrived in Manila and directly went to the Airport for deliver our friends Nia and Sukis in Terminal 2. It’s so sad moment because ony by one of us will leave. After accompanied them, we directly went to Terminal 3 for fetch UC students from Vietnam. There are three students, Ythan, Derick, and Daniel. Three of them are very nice and humble. Then, we went to hotel staff in Manila. Actually, is not like a hotel, but it is like a hostel (only for UC students who came to Manila). We take a rest there, and also take a bath until wait for the others.

walked around Manila with Mr. Ramir, Mr. Armand, and UC students

Around 11 am, Mr. Armand called us to go down because we will walked around Manila city. The first place that we visited is Landmark. This is a mall, and Mr. Ramir told us to found our own food. Then, our destination is to Jollibee hahaha, because we will miss this food when we arrived in Indonesia. After satisfied in Landmark, we continued our trip to Venice Plazza. In here, it seems like in Europe because of the building. I really like this mall because its so beautiful for take a pictures.

Its around 4 pm, we went to SM Store in Manila. We just walked around in here, because is soooo big mall in Manila. Until we went to another mall, named Araneta Coliseum. Its so tired day, and we decided to go back home for take a rest. After arrived home, I directly went to my bed because my head is so dizzy. Then, I just slept until morning.

Araneta Coliseum

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