Saturday, 29th September 2019

This is our last day in the Philippines and I am so sad but a little bit happy. In the early morning, Rika and Gilang directly went to the airport because their flight is at 8 am. Unfortunately, we can’t accompany them to there, because Mr. Ramir just said that after deliver them, they will fetch other UC students who had back from Indonesia. So, we decided to drank coffee that served by Ma’am Nelly until waited for them. Its around 9 am, Derick knocked our door and gave us some foods for breakfast.

coffee with bread for breakfast
last breakfast in Manila from Mr. Ramir

Then around 11 am, Derick knocked our door again but now he brings Jay and Walter (UC students who came from Indonesia). We talked together with them about this program. We also talked about our experiences and our sadness here. It so nice to see them!!

UC students, Up : Walter and Jay, Down : Daniel, Ythan, and Derick

At 12 pm, Mr. Ramir came to our room and talked about our flight. So, we have to lunch first and at 4 pm we should go to the airport. At 5.30 pm, we arrived in NAIA International Airport Terminal 3. I really want to cry, because I saw Mr. Ramir and Mr. Armand felt so sad. So, we decided to take a picture together and they directly went to another Terminal for deliver Nurul.

see you again Mr. Ramir and Mr. Armand

At 5.30 pm, I together with Deris and Irma check in and wait inside the airport. It’s really sad moment because we have to leave this country. At 8 pm, we have to take off from Manila to Jakarta. Finally, it’s time for us to go back to our country and our family. See you again Philippines, see you again Baguio, see you again UC and my families there. Thank you for everything that you have gave to me. I will never forget you! Salamat Po!!!

Irma and I at the Cebu Pacific

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