Wednesday, 25th September 2019

In the early morning (around 6.30 am), all of exchange students participants went to school for joined flag ceremony there and also the Principal said that she want to gave us a certificate. Then after finished, some of our friends found their critic teacher for gave something to them. Some of us also just wait the other friends at the canteen while wait their critic teacher.

UC Principal gave us the certificate

Suddenly, Mam Gladys came to us and treat us a bread (traditional bread from Philippines). This bread is usually ate for breakfast with milk or coffee. After breakfast, I directly gave my gift for my buddies, Ate Tintin. She is very nice and always care with me and someday I really want meet her again. Also I gave a gift for Jasmine because on this 28th is her birthday, and I just want give her an early surprise, because she is very nice to me. Then, I also gave a gift for JM because he is very kind to me.

This day is very sad, because we have to go back to Indonesia. Suddenly, our buddies invited us to walk around Burnham Park. We just asked them about their teaching, but Mam Gladys gave them exemption only for today. Then after arrived there, we directly ride the boat and play with other friends. Meanwhile, our buddies still do their lesson plan. Actually, we really sad, because they should have fun with us but the reality is no 😦

Played boat

After satisfied, some of our buddies gave something for us. It’s make me felt really sad. After that, we continue to play bicycle in the park. It’s very fun day because we can spent this day with our buddies. After that, we go back to UC Lab and I met with my critic teacher, Ma’am Amara. After finished, we directly went to UC main campus and take a rest.

with my critic teacher, Ma’am Sonya Amara T. Sison

At 8 pm, Mr. Armand, Mr. Renner, and Mr. Gary invited us to go to Night Market. Actually, the night market is near from Burnham Park. So, we decided to go to Burnham Park at the night. After arrived in there, we just bought street food and also Buko (coconut) with Pandanus (traditional drink from Philippines). The taste is almost same with Es sarang burung in Indonesia. After that, we went to looking for clothes, shoes and others around night market. Most of them sales it with the cheaper prices, it’s because the things is second hand. After that, we accompanied Gilang to try Balut (traditional food from Philippines). We didn’t eat that. After satisfied go around the night market, at 10 pm we go back to the hotel for take a rest.

At the Burnham Park with Mr. Renner, Mr. Armand, and Mr. Gary

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