Monday, 23rd September 2019

In this day, we have to go to school for do some interview with the Principal. We should asked her about everything in this school, such as the school profile, building, students, curriculum, and etc. After that, we go back to UC main campus and prepared ourselves for cultural night. Around 4 pm, we prepared everything and do make up by ourselves. Suddenly, Rose (our buddies) came to our hotel’s room and wait for us until 5.30 pm. Then, Paula came to our room also and asked us to hurry up because the event will be start. After that, we run from 6th floor to 9th floor.

cultural night’s MC

After arrived in there, I saw many people especially from FS students (education students). Then, we followed the events one by one. This event also make me felt glad because UC prepared for us to sing Indonesian anthem. Then, we watched performances from FS 5 and FS 6 students.Also, the special performance from our buddies. They are sing a song together while dancing, and some of them make a drama. So nice performance!! In this moment also, UC prepared a video that tells Indonesian culture. This make us felt very missing Indonesian so much.

special performance from our buddies

After that, we have to perform our Indonesian culture in front of them. Firstly, our friend Derista shows Jaipong dance (West Java traditional dance). It’s around 4 minutes, all of exchange students participants came forward and shows Dindin dances (West Sumatra traditional dance). After dance, we do Maumere dance (Papua traditional dance). When we dance, all of the audiences dance together with us and they looks happy. After Indonesian students, we watched Philippines culture video and after that some of UC students dance their traditional dance with traditional costume also.

Maumere dance
the audiences did the dance also
performance from UC students

In the end of event, Mr. Ramir come forward and said thankful to us and all of the students in FS 5 and FS 6. In that moment, I want to cried because it’s our last week here. After that, we gave him some souvenirs from our own university and take a picture together. Suddenly, our buddies came forward and gave us some souvenirs from Philippines. All of us cries because we have felt them like our family. After that, all of us take a pictures together while crying.

Mr. Ramir’s speech
we gave UNISKA’s flag to Mr. Ramir
salamat guys!!

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