Sunday, 22nd September 2019

at the UC Gymnasium

This day, we have agenda again with the teacher in UC. Then, Mr. Ramir want us to meet again and invited us to walk again but we still don’t know the time and where the place. So, he just told us to go to Gymnasium first before 12 pm. In there, we watched UC students played volley ball. They are so expert and also so funny when they play it. Around 1 pm, Mr. Armand told us to go outside because Mr. Ramir already wait for us at the down-stair. Then, we walked there and also we have to divide ourselves into 2 teams. First team will joined Mr. Gary’s car and second team should joined Mr. Ramir’s car. Actually, we don’t know where will we going.

Philippine Military Academy (PMA)

Suddenly Mr. Ramir said that we went to Philippine Military Academy. Wow!! So amazing, I told. After arrived there, the army checked the identity first because in here is so tight and no one can enter this place easily. I saw so many trees there and this place is soooo clean and no trash anymore. After finish, Mr. Ramir said that we have to quick because the opening ceremony almost start. Then, we sits on the chairs and watched the new army until finished. I am so glad because we can attend in this special moment. After that, Mr. Renner and Ma’am Kathleen invited us to go to Hall of Valor and they told the story behind the pictures.

After satisfied, we went to La Trinidad (outside Baguio). Actually, we went to Bell Church but unfortunately it’s closed. So, we decided to go to Strawberry Farm and ate strawberry ice cream there. The taste of the ice cream is very yummy, and make me bought it once more. We also bought some souvenirs for our family and friends. It’s around 6 pm, we have to go back to Baguio, but Mr. Ramir brought us to Good Taste Restaurant first for dinner together with Mr. Armand, Mr. Renner, Mr. Gary, and Ma’am Kathleen. It’s very nice day for us because we got so many experiences today.

Good Taste Restaurant

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