1. Purposes of practicum

For me, as a practice teacher during this program, my purpose of the practicum is that I want to improve my skill, especially in teaching. Also, I want to be able to manage the class. During my practice teaching, I have improved my English skill such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing because I stayed in someone’s country where I have to communicate with English. The other purpose that I have found during this project is I got new knowledge, new family, new experiences especially teaching in the classroom.

2. Procedures of practicum

In the first week, I did the observation of my critic teacher in her class. I needed to see how she managed the class and how she delivered her lesson to the students. Then, I started to make lesson plan but before that I consulted which class that I should teach. I asked for book reference in making my lesson plan. After I finished doing my lesson plan I submitted to my cooperating for checking and revising. After that, in the second week I did my practice teaching at the classroom.       

3. Outcomes of practicum

At the end of practicum, I learned how to handle the classroom, how to manage my time during teaching, and also how to control myself when I got nervous. Then, I also has improved my speaking skill, because I lived in another country that makes us communicate in English everywhere.

4. The challenges of practicum

The challenges that I get during my practicum is time and classroom management, making a lesson plan, preparing media for teaching, and etc. Another challenge is when I taught in the classroom and my students asked me with Filipino language, then I should try to understand them.

5. Overall impression

By joining this program, I have learned a lot of things. Besides the teaching skill, I have learned how to make myself survive with different language, culture, habit, food, and etc. Although, I got a culture shock but then I learned that people have their own way doing their things. I need to accept and respect that as much as they do to me.

6. Suggestions for future improvement

For the next batch candidates, I hope they will prepare well especially in teaching, because Indonesia has different style of teaching with another countries. Also for SEAMEO, especially SEA-TEACHER I hope it will be continues until the next and more batch. This program is very good for every student teachers in improve their selves in teaching. With this program, we are not only get new culture, new language and new experiences, but also we will get and create new family.

Thank you!

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