1. Procedures of teaching

After I did my observation, it’s time to start practice teaching. First, my critic teacher gave me the topic and I study about the topic. After that, I make the lesson plan and I gave it to my mentor so she can check it. Next, I prepare the media for my teaching such as power point presentations, videos, games, etc. I continued to teach to my students. After teaching, we had a meeting with my critic teacher regarding the way I teach and she can give me comment, advice, or ask me to revise the lesson plan.

Firstly, Preliminary Activities:

1)      Greetings

2)     Checking attendance

3)      Review the previous lesson

Second, Motivation.

Third, Lesson Proper.

Fourth, Application.

Fifth, Generalization.

Lastly, I gave them tasks.

2. Time management and organizing activities

In  UC Laboratory High School they had a 2 section class and 1 hour in one day. My critic teacher said to me that I just teach only one class. So, I taught 7-Mabait class for 1 hours in the morning.

Greeting  = 5 minutes

Motivation = 10 minutes

Application (discussion) = 20 minutes

Generalization = 15 minutes

Exercises = 10 minutes

Total = 60 minutes (1 hour)

3. Problem – Solving

First time in teaching : I was a little bit nervous because it was my first time in teaching especially the class that I did my practice teaching has almost 50 students. By seeing many students in the class, I thought I couldn’t handle the class very well even though I am just a student teacher who was doing my project in their school. My critic teacher always gave me some advice to handle them until I can teach the class with not feeling nervous anymore.

I have a sweet voice :  My critic teacher said that I should make it a little bit louder. Especially for students at the back, they will not listen to me clearly. Therefore, I tried my best in making my voice a little bit louder. In the end, I manage the problem very well.

4. Classroom Management

When I observe the Grade 7-Mabait, the students are very noisy and difficult to handle. My critic teacher always mad to them because of that. When I taught them, I can control them and make them participate in my class is by giving them a reward like candy, or a biscuit. It will make them participate in my class.

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