1. Teaching method of the teacher that you observed

Based on the K-12 curriculum, the teacher should more focus in developing students communicative and their creativity. Therefore, many of the tasks require the students to do their own creativity then deliver it in presentation. My critic teacher usually asks the students to analyze a story or passage, then have a group discussion and after that the students present their discussion to their friends in front of the class. Sometime, my critic teacher makes some games in learning process.

2. Their learning material and innovation

They used power point, LCD Projector, Speakers and English books. They also focused to develop students creativity.

3. Sources of learning and technology used by the teachers

Book references according to the syllabus and curriculum. The technology is mostly used with laptop, PowerPoint, LCD Projector, and speaker.

4. Authentic assessment  used by the teachers

Based on my observation, my critic teacher assessed the students based on their understanding of the lesson, written work, presentation performance, ability in doing the project, creativity, communicative language during the presentation, attendance, and the behavior of the students during her class

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